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AGROP NOVA a.s. is one of the largest and most modern producers of large-area multilayer boards in Europe. The company and its production are based in the Czech Republic. Over 640 trucks (1,200,000 m2) with multilayer boards leave the factory every year.  


Multilayer boards AGROP (SWP) from coniferous lumber which have a very wide range of use and processing are the main product of the company. The main advantages of these boards and the latest findings in the industry have been combined into NOVATOP Construction System which is all based on natural massive wood. NOVATOP SYSTEM easily fulfils the parameters for the construction of low-energy and passive houses, enables to design beautiful modern projects from massive wood, fully complies with the environment and also contributes to the maintenance of its quality for future generations.
“Selection of NOVATOP Construction System = Selection of energy savings, modern construction and healthy lifestyle in harmony with nature.


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Multilayer panels Floor and cladding panels Briquettes

Multilayer panels AGROP are manufactured from natural wood under strict environmental regulations. As the first Czech manufacturer we obtained the Natureplus certificate in 2008. Since January 2014, we have been using a new system of MU gluing without formaldehyde and with the label of TOP NATURE.

Top Nature


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Wood Conference in Cape Town in South Africa

7th Wood Conference is going to take place on February 28./ 2017 in International Convention Center.

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NOVATOP for the first time at the exhibition of Bouwbeurs in Netherlands

You can visit our beautiful wooden exhibition from 6th to 10th February 2017 at 10.G051.

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