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Floor and cladding panels


Dřevěné podlahy AGROP
  Dřevěné podlahy AGROP   Dřevěné podlahy AGROP

The floor and cladding panels are made of AGROP three-layer panels that are equipped with spring and groove around the perimeter.

Wood: spruce
Standard thickness (mm): 19 (6-7-6)
Standard format (mm): 400 x 2470

spring and groove


Dimensional stability even during the ganges in temperature and humidity, the character of natural solid wood, easy handling and installation, wide range of applications and surface finishes, easy renovation.


Floors, cladding of walls and ceilings, staircase steps, etc.

These solid-wood panels save time and money when repairing the floor of a house, a chalet or a cottage, or, possibly, when adapting a loft for living space. When using these panels, you will create at the same time a high-quality base as well as surface finish which should be preferably reground and supplemented with surface treatment. The panels are intended mainly to areas with a smaller operating load. Thanks to a robust three-layer structure you can easily align the minor unevenness of the base. The panels are extraordinarily resistant, even in an environment with temperature and humidity changes, they are not prone to visible shape changes as common floor boards and they minimize joints creation..

Examples of application

  • On a dried, all-area base, e.g. with PE foil and impact insulation
  • On an all-area base with built-in floor heating
  • On a dried, all-area base with wooden grid
  • On a beam ceiling as a visible and lowered bottom view between the beams
  • On beams as the final bearing floor
  • On cladding of walls, ceilings and partitions
  • On staircase steps, landings, full handrails, ramps, shelves

Sanding and surface finish

After laying, we recommend sanding the entire area, especially in the joints. The commonly commercially available vibration or belt sanders are sufficient. The most suitable is a professional, all-area flooring sander. As for the surface finish, it is possible to use any of the commercially available coating materials, including treatment agents. The advantage is very simple renovation, the floor can be any time re-sanded and repainted, and thus you can get a completely new and fully functional surface for minimum costs. To finish the edges, you can use any freely sold bar that is mounted on the wall.

Recommendations for installation

„Recommendations for installation“ and „Datasheet“ " can be found in the downloads section.

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