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NOVATOP is a complete building system with components made from large-scale cross-laminated solid wood (CLT - Cross laminated timber). The NOVATOP components creates a massive, safe and stable all-wood construction. All components are characterized by high strength and stability under compressive stress and tension and extreme static load capacity.

Three basic structural elements

NOVATOP offers three basic structural elements: SOLID, which easily solves mainly the design of load-bearing walls and partitions, ELEMENTS - components with sophisticated ribbed design intended mainly for the construction of ceilings and roofs. And thirdly STATIC - large thin plates for construction of roof overhangs and large span bridge.

What enables NOVATOP?

NOVATOP is suitable for construction of family houses and apartment buildings, office buildings, industrial buildings, but also for renovations, additions, extensions, etc.

Panels NOVATOP are “sewed to measure”, that means they are made in the exact format, with working links, with openings for windows and doors and other individual adjustments like preparation routes for distribution and completion of thermal, acoustic and fire insulation.

The house folds as a kit! NOVATOP offers fast, accurate and easy assembly regardless of the season. The gross building ground bungalow is a matter of hours, multi-storey building just a few days. The components NOVATOP acquire only the products themselves, but a complete system that greatly facilitate the project preparation and the actual installation.

Quality guarantee

NOVATOP is processed mainly of czech coniferous wood under strict environmental regulations, the production process meets the strict criteria for a number of certifications. incl.internationally recognized “Natureplus”. For formatting and processing components we use the latest CNC equipment, which operates according to CAD data, and the entire production process is controlled digitally. All components are manufactured in the Czech Republic, the system was developed and tested in Switzerland.

10 main advantages of the NOVATOP system

  • made by solid wood and input materials are certified “Natureplus”
  • guaranteed airproof
  • diffusion open construction without an airtight foil vapor barrier
  • highly effective for the construction of low energy and passive houses (eliminates the thermal bridges)
  • bearing structures are also visible in the inner surfaces quality spruce
  • crash-resistant, solid and safe
  • guarantee an accurate, simple and rapid construction throughout the year
  • with an excellent fire resistance
  • effectively reduces the transmission of noise
  • produced in Czech Republic, was developed and tested in Switzerland

For more information, visit the product website

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