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About Company

AGROP NOVA a.s. was established in 2001 and has continued the tradition of three-layer solid boards production started by AGROP s.r.o. in 1992. Today AGROP NOVA a.s. is one of the largest and most modern manufacturers of large format multi-layer panels in Europe. Since 2001 the factory has been undergoing dynamic development and today it processes more than 60,000 m3 of timber a year and produces over 1,300,000 m2 (640 trucks) of multi-layer panels a year. The great advantage of the production is the modern way in which wooden waste disposal is used to form ecological wooden briquettes at the volume of about 800 t per month. A new boiler system is able to utilise this renewable energy source to heat the production plant.

The main production programme

The main production programme of the company is multilayer AGROP boards made of sawn softwood which have a very wide range of applications, both indoors and outdoors. In recent years, the company invested heavily in the development of new technologies. The result is an increase in production capacity, improved surface quality and greater fl exibility in formats and thicknesses. A major step was the decision to expand the product portfolio with building elements. „Swiss experts from the area of wooden houses played an important role there, since just with them, we came to the idea of how to convert our three-layer board into a hollow rib element. Shortly afterwards, an idea of how to create a comprehensive building system on the basis of cross-laminated solid wood and, along with that, the brand NOVATOP was born.” Jiří Oslizlo, Chairman of the Board.

Quality assurance

Our production is distinguished by professional and optimized production procedures. State-of-the-art CNC equipment operates according to CAD data is used for formatting and processing and the entire production process is controlled digitally. In 2012, another Hundegger CNC equipment, which allows machining of panels of up to 12 meters, was put into operation. This state of the art technology ensures top quality, allowing the company to successfully implement buildings in such developed markets as Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Italy, and France. In 2013, our fi rst model house began to be built in South Africa. The production process complies with the strict criteria for a number of certifi cations - the general construction certifi cate Zulassung, the European Technical Approval (ETA) and CE marking. Utilising renewable resources is also very important to the company - our coniferous timber holds a certifi cate called PEFC and is verify by ISPM. As the fi rst Czech manufacturer of multi-layer boards, AGROP NOVA obtained the certificate Natureplus.



Increase in export opportunities of NOVATOP

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Wood Conference in Cape Town in South Africa

7th Wood Conference is going to take place on February 28./ 2017 in International Convention Center.

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