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Processing , transportation


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The multi-layer solid wood panels (SWP) are made of solid wood, whereas the moisture on delivery is 8% ± 2% for technical classes SWP/1, 10% ± 3% for SWP/2 and 12% ± 3% for technical class SWP/3. For this product, the wood properties are preserved and therefore, it reacts to changes in temperature and humidity by shrinking or swelling. Improper storage before processing and use in extreme temperatures and humidity may result in cracking and deformation. SWP may be processed with the use of any common wood-working tools and machines and treated by common processes as solid wood. When using SWP outdoors, it is important to consider the natural properties of solid wood.

Caution: The producer shall not assume any liability for product damage as a result of improper processing or product application, such as use in extreme weather conditions or failure to follow the working procedures. The solid wood panel made from Siberian larch is designated for exterior use. For product damage as a result of using in interiors the producer do not assume any liability. The producer guarantees the values of formaldehyde emission mentioned in the security data sheets only for panels with a closed surface. The values of formaldehyde emissions may increase as a result of the perforation of surface lamellas (e.g. acoustic). Wood dust comes into existence while machining.


By default, the multi-layer solid wooden panels are packed in packages with the number of units as per the SWP "Packaging table", placed on wooden blocks (span of approximately 1m), packed in PE foil protecting against changes in humidity, contamination and partially against mechanical damage, tightened on all sides with tape, while another packing method is acceptable upon agreement.



The multi-layer solid wood panels must be stored in closed and dry premises, placed in a horizontal position one on top of another and supported by templates with spacing of about 1m, they should be covered with other sheet material, such as P, MDF etc. after the packaging material is removed.

Caution: The improper storage of SWP may cause damage for which the producer shall not assume any responsibility.


The SWP AGROP packages are suitable for handling with use of front-end or side fork loaders and cranes with respect to the risk of damage to the product edges, panel surface and packaging material, the approximate weight of one standard package with a size of 2100x5000 mm is 2500 kg.


By default, the AGROP panels are transported on trucks (covered semi-trailers), or 20' and 40' containers. The informative loading capacity of a truck, or 40' container is 40 m3 of SWP.

Caution: The product moisture might change during longer transportation in adverse weather conditions, and therefore, we recommend acclimatization before further processing.

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